Legends of Animarl Book 2: The Land Wakes Dreaming

John Bowman’s wife is missing from the small town of Dyall’s Ford, but he can’t go to the police because they want him dead.

The increasingly chaotic town is isolated as a result of a worldwide breakdown in law and order combined with environmental devastation.

As John sets out to find Caylen he discovers the same phenomenon she had talked about, a portal to a strange new world. Will he find her there or will he remain doomed like his old world in this other reality? His choices are shrinking as time runs out, and John isn’t good at decisions…


Legends of Animarl 2 - The Land Wakes Dreaming

Everyone needs a second chance…

While searching for his missing wife, John Bowman falls through a portal between earth and the strange land of Animarl. With the ability to now travel between the two worlds almost at will, he tracks his wife along a trail of clues she leaves in her own mysterious odyssey. But the trail grows faint, and each trip John makes reveals foreboding changes taking place in both worlds.

The dangers soar on one journey as an entity latches on to him, an evil bent on plundering John’s old world to remake Animarl in its own image.

With the two worlds disintegrating, the portal fracturing and his nemesis close behind, John must choose—leave the fight against evil to others and rebuild whatever life he can or make a final effort to be reunited with his love.

A powerful, engrossing tale of a man who seeks his love, and finds his destiny in a world beyond worlds. Deceptively, elegantly and hauntingly written, a tale that echoes quietly in the mind after the end, like a favourite song.” – Jim Farris


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