Legends of Animarl Book 1: A Portal Opened in Dyall’s Ford

In a dystopian world brought on by the disintegrating effects of climate change, a young couple struggles to save earth while fighting for their own survival against a vicious and increasingly bizarre ruling class that runs their town like a prison camp.


The small town of Dyall’s Ford struggles to survive in a fractured future, cut off from the rest of the world by marauding gangs and ever more destructive bushfires, sinkholes, tornadoes, landslides, earthquakes, dust storms, blood red rain and other frightening phenomena. Adding to the town’s woes is The Evanescence, presumed solar flares that blind and erase the memory of those exposed to them.

As the natural catastrophes surge in number and ferocity, constant attacks from neighbouring tribes envious of their permanent water supply and abundant forests seals the town’s isolation.

And it gets even worse: people keep disappearing through portals to another world, a world vaguely glimpsed from Dyall’s Ford but only too real to those sucked into it who somehow manage to return. Not to mention visitors from that other world: weird, enormous flying insects that breathe fire, which the dazed citizens who see them report as being dragon-like.

The Voice – a cabal formed from the remnants of local communications infrastructure, government, police and shadowy ‘influencers’ brutally enforces their own interpretation of law and order. Of particular interest to the Voice are ‘greenie’ groups led by the self-styled Urban TERRArists – militant gardeners whose preached mix of Permaculture and Socialism make them a constant target.

When Caylen and her boyfriend John are befriended by a prominent member of the Urban TERRArists they fall under the radar of the Voice. Threatened by the police and their enforcers the couple must make a choice: accept their planet is dying along with its people or more deeply engage with the struggle to turn around the cataclysmic future engulfing all.


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