Captain Wilder and The Sorcerer – Legends of Animarl, Book 2

“I felt I’d fallen into some witching swamp, had risen from it and no matter what was done thereafter, could neither shake nor wash nor wish its essence gone.”

Captain Wilder – sea captain cursed into the body of a dragon –  journeys to the Cave of Origins to confront the sorcerer, Argilan in a diabolical struggle to be restored to human form and at the same time save the land of Animarl from an invasion of murderous Mogandlions.


Linden Foxbright Wilder, sea captain cursed into the body of a dragon, wishes only to be restored to humankind and live out his life with the love of his youth, Wanita.

The cure for his curse lies with the distant sorcerer, Argilan. But Linden is now a Mogandlion — a type of dragon risen from the ocean depths — and it was the sorcerer himself who long ago banished that wicked species to the seas they rose from.

To make matters worse, Wilder’s land of Animarl is once more inundated with Mogandlions, who have come ashore to live while destroying all who stand in their way.

Overwhelmed by their numbers and seeking transformation, Linden sets out to enlist the sorcerer’s aid. But to do this he will have to overcome Argilan’s natural animosity towards him in his dragon state.

And as he sets off for Argilan’s Cave of Origins, the evil Djinn formerly resident in the Den of Margun returns and joins forces with the Mogandlions. Soon both sorcerer and sea captain will be consumed in a battle for supremacy against a foe from hell, hell-bent on their destruction.


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