New website launches…

Apologies to those who have been on my email list for some time with no contact until now. I had a few health issues to sort out and have now hit the ground running in 2020. So here’s to a year of successful endeavours for all of us. For me, that will be focused around my writing.

So, there are three things to note:

1) New Website. First is the new (this) website. I experimented with a lot of different themes and systems before I found one that did the job I wanted. Check it out and let me know what you think. Hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do 🙂

2) A FREE Map of Animarl.

At the moment the website is focused on my upcoming portal fantasy series, “The Legends of Animarl”. More details are available on the site. I’m excited to be writing these books, it’s been a real journey of discovery. If you want to get a free copy of the Land of Animarl Map, just click the image below:

Land of Animarl Map

3) Cover Reveals. I am re-writing my first book, “John Bowman’s Cave” early this year. It is now the second book in The Legends of Animarl series. The first and third books in that series are also well underway. At the moment only titles and release dates are showing on the website. However, I will be revealing the covers for all three titles by mid May.

That’s about it. I promise more regular emails from now on, but I’ll be focused on finishing the first three books in time to hit their release dates.

Any comments or feedback are always appreciated; please leave via the comment form below.


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