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Legends of Animarl Book 1:

A Portal Opened in Dyall’s Ford

Publication Date: May 2020 Get Notified

In a dystopian world brought on by the disintegrating effects of climate change, a young couple struggles to save earth while fighting for their own survival against a vicious and increasingly bizarre ruling class that runs their town like a prison camp.  See More...

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Legends of Animarl Book 2:

The Land Wakes Dreaming

Publication Date: July 2020 Get Notified

John Bowman's wife is missing from the small town of Dyall's Ford, but he can't go to the police because they want him dead.

The increasingly chaotic town is isolated as a result of a worldwide breakdown in law and order combined with environmental devastation.

As John sets out to find Caylen he discovers the same phenomenon she had talked about, a portal to a strange new world. Will he find her there or will he remain doomed like his old world in this other reality? His choices are shrinking as time runs out, and John isn’t good at decisions... See More...

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Legends of Animarl Book 3:

A Kauk Named Souki

Publication Date: August 2020 Get Notified

Suffering from the loss of her Rory pack and pursued by henchmen of the tyrant now in control of her tribal home, the huntress Yalnita sets out on a quest to clear her name and unseat the usurpers. See More...

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Erron Adams

Portal Fantasy Author

It's not as though I create Animarl, it's more like Animarl explains me. As the stories write themselves and the map fills in, a clearer picture of myself and my place in the universe emerges. The process continues as the stories keep hammering to be heard...