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Captain Wilder and The Dragon of Margundor

Legends of Animarl Book 1

“My tale is simple but hard to tell. I died a man and was reborn a monster.”

Told he can only gain release from a curse of sea dragons by destroying the evil Djinn of Margun in its lair, ship’s captain Linden Wilder sets out to confront the demon.

But the Djinn lies hidden in a fortress behind the dreaded Margundor, and it has never been bested. The venture goes badly, and Wilder’s quest swiftly shifts from seeking cure to a desperate struggle for simple survival.

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Captain Wilder and The Sorcerer

Legends of Animarl Book 2

I felt I’d fallen into some witching swamp, had risen from it and no matter what was done thereafter, could neither shake nor wash nor wish its essence gone.”

Linden Foxbright Wilder, sea captain cursed into the form of a dragon, wishes only to be a man once more and live out his life with the love of his youth. But there are many roads to transformation and many obstacles in between…

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The Portal

Legends of Animarl Book 3

Two young people, Jessie and John, struggle to evade a bizarre and vicious ruling class that hunts down anyone deemed unconventional in Dyall’s Ford, an isolated town reeling from a barrage of cataclysmic natural and supernatural phenomena. 

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