The Land Inbroken by Erron Adams

The earth they’d learned to tiptoe over was nothing but a dragon’s egg. And it was cracking open…

Welcome to Dyall’s Ford…

Nice town. Great people, robust logging industry, famed tourist destination for its snowfields and booming health spa businesses.

Well, it used to be before The Changes anyway. Oh yeah, and especially before the Flashing incidents that fry folk’s brains and blind them if they get caught out in the open when it Flashes.

Still, it’s all good; we’ve got The Voice. They’ll set things right, although I admit it’s been a bit of a struggle maintaining order with a body formed from remnants of local government, police, and especially the shadowy vigilantes they’ve had to bring on board to replace dead and deserting cops. But it’s going to be okay, The Voice will see to it.

They’ve just got to deal with that rebel Jessie Saker. She’s teamed up with Flashing survivor John Bowman and the pair fancy themselves freedom fighters — they’re gonna ‘Save The World’!

Yeah, right. Anyway, those two are waging war across our poor old countryside that’s plagued by visitations from another world. Oh what, I didn’t mention that?

Never mind, The Voice are on it. Everything is under control…

Enjoy Your Stay!