Captain Wilder & The Dragon of Margundor
November 13, 2021

The last eighteen months have been challenging – to say the least – for everyone worldwide, and certainly from a personal perspective my publishing plans were thrown into confusion. To tell a long story short, after many years of deteriorating health I finally lucked on a good specialist who sent me for a test that…

July 29, 2020

Well, here is the final version (bottom of this post) for the cover of The Portal, the first book in my Legends of Animarl series. The book itself is now in final draft state, and is being edited. I will announce a release date soon so it can be pre-ordered. I also will be releasing…

May 16, 2020

Being confined by The Virus, I’ve been reading a lot as well as the usual writing. One fascinating book I found ages ago and have just re-read is “Adventures by Sea of Edward Coxere”.  It about the life of a seaman from Kent, England in the 1600’s. Coxere both wrote and illustrated the book, so this is not the work of a studied academic, but rather the simple and touching record of someone who endured enormous hardship and wondrous adventures in a long life at sea. I was amazed at the number of times he was made a prisoner of the various countries then at war with one another – Spain, Holland, England, Turkey and others – and yet managed to come through it all a stronger person with a fascinating spiritual insight.