A New Cover for Captain Wilder & The Dragon of Margundor

I’m well into the early drafts of my fourth book in the Legends of Animarl series, Captain Wilder & the Dragon Jewels. In the meantime I’m working on final covers for the first two books – Captain Wilder & The Dragon of Margundor, & Captain Wilder & The Sorcerer. The original covers for these two books were rush jobs on a tight budget. The result is satisfactory — sort of — but now I have time I want to revisit the covers and have professional, high resolution versions done. So, I am currently running a Kickstarter project to get a new cover done for the first book.

Just what is a Kickstarter project, you ask? It’s a way to get support and hopefully, funding for projects. People can see what’s on offer and, if they like it, back your project at any one of a number of levels from a simple, no-money-involved thumbs-up to considerable amounts of dollars.

So why am I running a Kickstarter? Apart from the financial aspect I’d really like to gauge just how much interest there is in my Legends of Animarl series. Writing a series like this is often a hard and lonesome endeavour, as any author can tell you. A writer can go months without getting any feedback at all, so it is nice to hear comments, criticisms and encouragements along the way.

Absolutely any level of support you can give, moral or financial, will be much appreciated; even just following the Kickstarter project gives things a boost as it encourages others to back it 🙂

This project has me excited and terrified at the same time. Whenever you put yourself out there like this you run the risk of crawling away from the experience feeling bruised and dejected. But I guess that’s all part of the life of an author, so I’m having a crack at it anyway!

At the moment I have the Kickstarter project in draft format and am looking for feedback. Absolutely any comments would be most appreciated! Here is the link:

Kickstarter Project Feedback Link

If you want to be notified when the project is launched you can do so at the following link:

Get Notified When Kickstarter Project Launches

And here is a short video I’m quite proud of, to give you a flavour for this first book in the series:

Captain Wilder & the Dragon of Margundor Kickstarter Video

I’ll be launching the project very soon so if you want to follow its progress, and especially if you would like to back me, please do so at the appropriate links above.

Thanks so much and Stay Well!


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