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The Land Inbroken by Erron Adams

The Land Inbroken

The earth they’d learned to tiptoe over was nothing but a dragon’s egg. And it was cracking open…

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The Seafarer’s Fate by Erron Adams mockup

The Seafarer’s Fate

“My tale is simple but hard to tell. I died a man and was reborn a monster.”

Check out my upcoming book, The Seafarer’s Fate on the News page

OUT IN 2024!

The Legends of Animarl Fantasy Series

Captain Wilder and The Dragon of Margundor – Legends of Animarl, Book 1

“My tale is simple but hard to tell. I died a man and was reborn a monster.”

Told he can only gain release from a curse of sea dragons by destroying the evil Djinn of Margun in its lair, ship’s captain Linden Wilder sets out to confront the demon.

But the Djinn lies hidden in a fortress behind the dreaded Margundor, and it has never been bested. The venture goes badly, and Wilder’s quest swiftly shifts from seeking cure to a desperate struggle for simple survival.

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Captain Wilder and The Sorcerer – Legends of Animarl, Book 2

“I felt I’d fallen into some witching swamp, had risen from it and no matter what was done thereafter, could neither shake nor wash nor wish its essence gone.”

Captain Wilder – sea captain cursed into the body of a dragon –  journeys to the Cave of Origins to confront the sorcerer, Argilan in a diabolical struggle to be restored to human form and at the same time save the land of Animarl from an invasion of murderous Mogandlions.

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The Portal – Legends of Animarl Book 3

Jessie Saker and John Bowman struggle to achieve the simple needs of food, shelter and clothing in Dyall’s Ford, an isolated town reeling from a barrage of cataclysmic natural and supernatural phenomena.

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Praise For The Writing

Readers' thoughts on the Legends of Animarl Series...

...deceptively, elegantly and hauntingly written, a tale that echoes quietly in the mind after the end, like a favourite song.

Jim Farris

Erron Adams

Speculative Fiction and Poetry

I've worked across a spectrum of jobs ranging from farmwork to software engineering to starting and running a bookstore.

A restless spirit in childhood led me to the secluded cache of occult books in the local library, which in turn kicked off a lifelong interest in the supernatural and psychology.

In this world of chaos, cruelty, deceit, and downright madness I am obsessed with the search for meaning in the midst of suffering. I write poetry and speculative fiction to that end.

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